Alliance Beverage has responded quickly and comprehensively to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Governor’s Executive Order closing an extensive list of public places on Monday 3/16 and most companies electing to have employees work from home, we acted immediately to make sure our employees and their families remain safe and healthy. All action steps taken by the Company are consistent with the recommendations of the CDC and state/ local health officials.

  • Allowing essential associates with underlying health concerns, the option and ability (if able) to work remotely. Human Resources have been in contact with these associates to explain accommodations to alleviate financial concerns.  All essential office personnel have the option and capabilities to work from home and working flexible hours to reduce contact.  Our on-site personnel have been greatly reduced using this tactic.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible for ABD to have its full staff work from home.  Sales employees have been instructed to contact customers by phone, via our customer portal where feasible.
  • We’ve empowered supervisors/management with the knowledge of the relaxed HIPPA laws, so they can speak to their individual teams, regarding symptoms and other health concerns.
  • All non-employee visits to our office has been suspended indefinitely. Limiting deliveries and returned product increases efficiency, lessening contact for employees who are still working in the community and our office.  This is helpful for our Warehouse, Delivery, Sales and Office teams who continue to work in several places.
  • Daily discussion with the COVID-19 Response Team, to share information and make sure we are instituting the highest quality controls as we continue to work during this unprecedented time. This has increased more company-wide communications, to keep our associates well informed of any changes.
  • All employees are offered work or latex gloves for their daily duties. Employees are also offered individually packaged hand sanitizer to carry with them out of the office. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays are stationed throughout the building and employees are encouraged to use regularly.  Signs regarding proper hand-washing practices have been placed around the building as well.

Our people are our biggest asset and we respect them greatly. Ownership group and upper management maintains an open-door policy where employees are encouraged to voice concerns so that we can best address issues that may arise.  We will maintain and further our new policy and precautions per the advice of health officials.


We will get through this together.  Be Safe!