Alliance Beverage has responded quickly and comprehensively to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Governor’s Executive Order closing an extensive list of public places on Monday 3/16 and most companies electing to have employees work from home, we acted immediately to make sure our employees and their families remain safe and healthy. All action steps taken… Read More

Sierra Nevada’s Resilience in the Face of Fire

As the Camp Fire rages in California’s Butte County, just miles away from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the craft brewing giant based in Chico is brewing up a special response. Via the brewer’s Facebook Page: “We are proud to announce that we’ll be brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA and donating 100 percent of sales to… Read More

Haymarket Brewing Now Available

Alliance Beverage is proud to begin distributing Haymarket Brewing across Western Michigan! Haymarket Brewing, with locations in Chicago, IL & Bridgman, MI, specializes in classic Belgian and contemporary American beer styles that emphasize hop flavor, not hop bitterness.  No matter what style of beer you like — whether a crisp refreshing Pilsner, a Trappist-style ale,… Read More

Using Technology to Improve Efficiency

  Alliance Beverage was recently featured in a case study published on Beverage Wholesaler.  The article details how we’ve implemented new technologies to improve our operations, minimizing product loss and increasing efficiency. “Alliance had developed a home-grown pick-to-belt system to manage its warehouse operations. When the corporate footprint expanded, management sought out a more robust… Read More

Atwater Brewery Announcement

Alliance Beverage is excited to begin distributing Detroit’s Atwater Brewery across our Western Michigan footprint! Atwater Brewery was founded in 1997 in the historic Rivertown district of Detroit.  The original mission was to give the locals a flavor of what Stroh’s had offered Detroiters for many generations: locally brewed, drinkable lagers.  That mission still holds… Read More

There’s a Revolution Brewing in Michigan

Fans of great beer – keep looking out for new delicious beer on shelves and taps featuring a giant green fist!  That’s right, Revolution Brewing has hit Michigan and Alliance Beverage is proud distribute this great brand across our Western Michigan footprint. Revolution Brewing opened in Chicago, IL in February 2010 and has quickly grown… Read More

How MillerCoors Uses Less Water

Water is the main ingredient in beer, and large brewers use a lot of it.  MillerCoors prides itself on sustainability and is committed to using less water than ever to brew the beers you know and love. Read about their efforts here. Read More

The 5 Stages of Winemaking

You’re a wine enthusiast.  Perhaps you enjoy a glass of dry red with your dinner, or bring a bottle of sweet white to a casual night in with friends.  But have you ever wondered how grapes in a vineyard far away become the wine in your glass?  Five magical stages transform everyday grapes into wine: harvesting, crushing and… Read More