Alliance Beverage was recently featured in a case study published on Beverage Wholesaler.  The article details how we’ve implemented new technologies to improve our operations, minimizing product loss and increasing efficiency.

“Alliance had developed a home-grown pick-to-belt system to manage its warehouse operations. When the corporate footprint expanded, management sought out a more robust system to ensure the company could continue to manage the seasonality of the business without sacrificing pick rates or accuracy.

With an eye on future growth, the major challenge facing Alliance’s leadership team was ensuring integration and scalability. Their priority was to find an automation strategy that would efficiently manage the burgeoning number of SKUs, build in scalability for future expansion, and successfully compete in today’s challenging marketplace.

The team’s objectives included seamless integration and synchronization of all facilities, increased pick and load rates and accuracy, and increased ability to measure and analyze performance metrics. These initiatives were aimed at dynamically managing warehouse and distribution operations to improve efficiency, productivity and overall business performance.”

Read the full article here.